Royalties from licensing NO MO are now supporting its distribution at cost (not for profit) to disease-endemic countries in Africa.  Through the NO MO Foundation, the repellent is being distributed to countries where contractual agreements with a Master Distributor (MD) can be negotiated.  

After clearing customs at ports of entry, MDs will oversee the product's distribution to remote rural areas by hundreds of Independent Social Marketers.  Connected to the MD in each country by their cell phone and the internet, these small entrepreneur/distributors will use bicycles, motorcycles, motorized canoes etc, to help us deliver millions of liters of this public health tool, at low margins, during the product's introductory period.  Higher margins will be permitted over time after initial sales reach target levels established for each demographic region.

Under current plans, between 2015  and 2017 the NO MO Foundation will register NO MAS and begin distribution in  Ghana,  Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.