Since 2004, substantial donations of time, money or materials have been generously provided by the following contributors.


Science Contributors

Dr Don Barnard (Entomology, CMAVE, USDA-ARS Gainesville)
Dr Scott Carroll (Entomology, UC Davis)
Dr Gregor Devine (Entomology, Rothamsted)

Dr Keith Kennedy (Former Director of Global Repellent Research/ SC Johnson)
Dr Anthony Kiszewski (Public Health Entomology, Bentley University)
Dr Greg Lanzaro (School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis)
Dr Amy Morrison (Entomology, UC Davis)
Dr Richard Pollack (Laboratory of Entomology, Harvard School of Public Health)


Manufacturers, patent specialists and attorneys

Dr Sean Traynor (Terpene Chemistry / President of Takasago USA)
Dr Carter Green (Director Science and Technology / Takasago USA)
Jeff Arway (VP Aroma Chemicals / Takasago USA)

Jason Chumney (Counsel /McCarter and English/ New York)
Cynthia A. Lewis (Regulatory Attorney / Beveridge and Diamond / Washington DC)
Sandra Lee (Partner / Baker Botts LLP / New York)